Hispanic Music

Since my sister started dating, and just this weekend, married her best friend, I have had the opportunity to listen to Hispanic music quite a bit. Her husband doesn’t listen to it often, but when he does, it’s to have fun and dance. This summer, we had a pool party, and Miguel wanted to teach my mother how to dance “Mexican” style. That sure was something to watch. The music was upbeat and very happy. I actually liked it a lot. During the wedding, several Hispanic songs were played and everyone wanted to dance. Miguel’s family all danced and it was amazing! My girlfriend and I tried it, but I think maybe it is something you’re born with. My favorite songs played were “Loco” by Enrique Iglesias and Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos.

Miguel’s family dancing at the wedding.



Miley Cyrus

Did you honestly think I could leave Miley Cyrus out of a music blog? Miley has gone from sweet, innocent, cute little Hannah Montana to a disturbingly, unladylike twenty one year old. I admit, I use to watch Hanna Montana with my sister, and I thought the show was a bit corny. However, I did think she sang well. I still think she is talented and has a great voice. I just can’t stand to watch her. I imagine she just wants to be on top of the music empire and is doing all these shocking things to get there. It is working for her. Everyone talks about her. Even my own grandmother talks about how sad it is that such a sweet young lady would act like that in public. Miley Cyrus is talented in my opinion. I like her voice, but I just don’t want to have to look at her with her tongue hanging out all the time or see her making vulgar gestures with her girly area.

Okay, so this isn’t Miley Cyrus, but this is a perfect expression of what it would be for my girlfriend’s dog if he had seen her on the awards show.

My Sister’s Wedding

Well, this weekend was an exciting time for my family and I. My sister got married. Even though the weather was bad, we had a nice turnout. Many of her friends were able to make it and lots of family. The music was great. We had a DJ and he played lots of dancing that had dances to go with it. After the older family members and friends left, we got busy on the dance floor. The DJ just asked my sister for a list of songs she wanted and he had all of them. I think it would be neat to be a DJ. They sure do make good money. A friend of my dad’s did the music for us, so he gave dad a really good deal. My mother said she called around the Russellville and Clarksville area and prices ranged from $150 an hour to a lump sum of $1,000 dollars for the night. After researching a little, I found that the average price for hiring a DJ in Arkansas is about $544 for four hours. My parents said they did good on what they paid.


The DJ setting up at my sister’s wedding

Playing Music for the Growing Baby

I have heard quite often that it is good to play music for an unborn baby. I have also heard it makes the baby smarter. I wondered if this was true, so I did some research, and research showed that music can be good for the baby, but it does not necessarily make it smarter. What it can do, though, is calm and relax the mother, which in turn, does the same for her baby. As the fetus grows inside the mother’s tummy, it can hear sounds. So listening to music can have a positive effect. When choosing music for baby to listen to, it is best to choose music with a soothing harmony. Rap, heavy metal and some rock music tends to be loud and alarming. Music in these genres may startle baby.




Music While Studying?

Should students listen to music while studying for tests or do homework? That is an age old question, with no definite answer. If you ask around, you will get different points of view every time. Some students believe that listening to music puts them in a better mood and helps them concentrate better while studying, but others will say that the noise is distracting and causes them to be unable to concentrate. So what is the right answer? Should students listen to music while studying? Well, that depends. Research has shown that students can study effectively with music playing, while others are distracted by any outside stimulus. This makes sense. Basically when you listen to music while studying, you are multi-tasking. If this causes no problems and helps you, then by all means, continue. However, if you have tried listening to music and just can’t comprehend what you are studying, or trying to do, then it would be better to find a quiet place to complete your work. For me, personally, I can’t seem to stay focused on my class work unless I am listening to my favorite tunes.


IMG_3934 (2)

Elvis And Gospel Music


Everyone knows who Elvis is and can name many of his hit songs. However, you usually don’t hear that much about his gospel music. This is not the case with my NaNa. If you mention Elvis around her, you better be prepared to listen to her talk about his gospel singing and how he could sing that better than any other musician. Of course, she knows all of his other music, but gospel is her favorite. It is funny to watch her expression when I mention his name. She gets this dreamy eyed look and corny smile. NaNa has all of his gospel albums, regular ones, movies and even some posters. Her favorite songs are “There Will Be Peace In The Valley” and “Mansion Over The Hilltop”, and she always sings along with him.
Singing gospel songs was very important to Elvis, and he wanted to share his love of God with his fans.

“Gospel music is the purest thing there is on this earth,” Elvis Presley



Band, An Important Part of Sports

I love going to watch football and basketball games. My favorite part, however, isn’t the actual playing of the game. My favorite part is listening to the band play all the upbeat music and do the halftime show. Having a band is important to high school sports. I actually think band is a sport, but I will save that argument for a later time.
The band gets the fans excited about the game by playing numerous upbeat songs. They also have certain songs they play for the cheerleaders! And there is always the signature song for touchdowns or baskets. I attended Clarksville High School, and the school has a fantastic band. They have won several awards for their musical programs. They play a mean James Bond halftime show and have even entertained Panther fans with a Beatles Tribute. This school year, they worked on “Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba”. They have done an amazing job! I never played in the band while in school, but I definitely supported them by attending their concerts and watching their performances at the sporting events. Sports would not be what it is without the band.


Our band at Clarksville High School

Bus Radio? What Next?

school buspic

When I was in school, some of the old buses had am/fm radios installed. However, I don’t remember the driver ever turning it on. I only heard him yell if we misbehaved or got to loud. Now I hear about students getting to listen to the radio while riding to and from schooler while going on school trips. Listening to music could be both a good thing. It could also become a problem too.
BusRadio was an American company established in 2004, with the goal of providing several services to school buses, their drivers and passengers. It was envisioned that the service would transmit music, original programming, public service announcements (PSAs) and paid commercials to school children travelling on school buses. This seemed like a good thing, but after trying it, many parents argued that their children should not have to listen to advertisements. They also questioned the types of ads that could be played. What parent wants their child to listen to an add about Viagra? I agree. I would not want my child listening to commercials or certain songs. Who chooses what the students will listen to? To me, the only positive thing about BusRadio would be the fact that the students might stay calmer while on the bus and make it easier for the bus driver to concentrate while driving.
Apparently, the controversary continued until BusRadio was shut down after only five years of being installed in buses from twenty-four states.



American Idol Singing on Gaming Systems

There are all types of games, for the music lover, to play on their gaming system. The one I am familiar with is the American Idol game, for the WII? This game allows the player to live out their dream as a singing sensation. The player can play with friends and family and compete in front of all three American Idol judges. The goal of this game is to try and reach Stardom. You get to choose your character before singing in front of the American Idol judges, Randy, Paula and, of course, Simon. The words to the song scroll bottom to top at the bottom of the screen, while the singer tries to sing on-pitch, hitting all the notes. A “crowd meter” shows the mood of the crowd as the player sings. When the singer does a good job the crowd will cheer and clap in rhythm with the song, and the scene will become more vividly animated. If the crowd meter falls all the way to the lowest rating, the audience will boo the character offstage and the game is over.

My dad bought my mother a Wii a few years back, because she had heard that there was a great exercise game that went with it, and it was good to lose weight. Well, that a few short weeks. Then she discovered American Idol. She absolutely went nuts over the game and not only did she have the gaming audience, she insisted we become the audience too.