IMG_3839   In 1877 inventor Thomas Edison invented the phonograph record machine which allowed you to record two minutes of sound. From 1900 to the mid late 1950’s record players became the most popular way you could listen to music. It allowed you to play 78, 45, and 33 RPM records. This enabled the listener to hear a total of about an hour of music. The stereo made way in the 1960’s which enabled sound to be issued by different speakers. This made listing to music in your car possible. The 8 track  tape (invented in 1963) was most commonly used in cars, making it possible to listen to your favorite artist on the go. Only one year later the audio cassette found its way into portable players and in cars. The audio cassette was used for almost 20 years until the CD (compact disc), with its laser beam technology, was invented in 1980. The CD is still used today because of its numerous advantages over its competitors. Finally just 12 years ago the iPod was created. This made way for all new ways you can listen to music and download CD’s. Technology is advancing everyday and making it easier to invent new ways to listen to music, who knows how we will listen to music next.