singerconcertrockMusic is something I cannot imagine my life without.  I, as well as the rest of society, listen to music as a way to express my emotions, thoughts and feelings. It’s obvious that since people are all different, that they would also have different tastes in the music they listen to. Have you ever thought about how many different types of music there is?  You may have never thought about it, but there are over 100 genres to choose from. The music genre that has been forgotten about for the past couple of years has been Alternative music. Alternative music emerged in the 1980s and became widely popular in the 1990s. This genre is characterized by bands who have a “do-it-yourself” or non-conformist attitude. This music consists of Punk, Hard Rock, Indie Rock and more. Hip Hop is another genre that became extremely popular in the 80’s and 90’s. It was considered the “backing” for Rap. In the last few years, Rap has been “all the craze” with young adults and teenagers. However, not all people approve of Rap. I will blog about this later. I feel I must mention Country music, because I actually listened to this on the way to grade school each day with my mother.  This genre originated in the rural regions of the Southern U. S. in the 1920s. It mainly consists of ballads and dance tunes with harmonies accompanied by instruments such as banjos, acoustic guitars and fiddles. I finally want to mention a type of music that everyone knows about. Dance music is played almost anywhere, and is played for mainly one thing…to dance. Dubstep, Garage, and Techno are very popular in dance music and is helping all other types of music get noticed. I have mentioned just a few genres of music , but I only wanted tO talk about the ones I am most familiar with.  With so many different types to choose from, you can easily find a genre to fit your personal preference.