Writing about music has got me to thinking.  I know that music has existed from the beginning of time, but why play it at weddings, funerals, dates, and other events?  I think it is because listening to music evokes certain feelings, depending on the type of music being played. For example, since weddings are a time to celebrate, then music is used to help us to feel the emotion of happiness.  I have only been to one funeral in my life.  My friend’s favorite song was played, which brought a smile to everyone’s face, and then there were slower, more emotional ones.  I think this allowed the people his friends and family to think about the past that was spent with him.  My sister loves it when her fiancé dances her around their apartment, while they listen to music.  Music brings people together too!  Friends listen together and share music.  If it’s good enough to bring out different emotions in one person, why not have a gathering of any type and have everyone share in that emotion?


ashmigblog   My sister and her fiancé had their picture taken while dancing at the park.