I always looked forward music classes when I was in elementary and junior high school because it was so much fun.  I even had several singing parts in the class music programs.  When I entered sixth grade, I joined the choir and continued until my 8th grade year.  I guess my teacher thought I was pretty good, because he wanted me to sing in the select choir, and told me I would not even have to try out.  I remember him telling me that music and playing instruments were good for my brain.   I laughed at the time, but realize now how true that is.  There are studies that have even proven it. I guess I should have stuck with singing or playing the electric guitar when I was younger.  Maybe I would have been smarter.

Here are some facts I found about becoming involved in music at school:  First, children who participate in music activities at school have a larger vocabulary and read at a higher level than their peers that do not.  Did you know that studying music teaches the brain to understand speech in a noisy background? Children who learn to master a musical instrument improves their learning of the human language and makes them pick up a second language easier than one who does not play. Finally, students who are involved in music some sort have the lowest percentage of alcohol and drug intake.




Christmas Music Program at my school.