britneymccThe definition for hand in hand is as follows: “If two things go hand in hand, they exist together and are connected with each other”. In my opinion, this about true about music and romance.  They go hand in hand. Think about it.  When you go out with your date, what do you most likely do when you get in the car?  You turn on the radio to listen to music.  Most couples talk about their favorite types music when they first start dating, and then they begin listening to the type of music share.  What if you want to show your boyfriend/girlfriend that you care?  Make them a CD of romantic love songs.  My dad did this for my mother, and of course she still talks about it after 27 years of marriage. Ever sing to your significant other? I serenade my girlfriend all the time, in the car.  We will be driving down the road, a song will come on, and I will just break out in song.  We even join in together at times.  We are great at “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Music brings couples together and allows them to express their feelings.  How many times, in movies and on tv, have we seen a guy put a romantic song on and then start dancing his girl around? Apparently females like this.  I think I may just have to try this out on my girl.  It might just get me some brownie points.