A few years ago, my dad decided to take my mother, sister, and me to see a Steve Perry impersonator. As we drove to Branson, we were forced listened to the real Steve all the way.  Let me add, I never really knew much about him or the band, Journey.  This was a terrible injustice, according to my father.  I was actually impressed with the guy. He was good, and if I had have closed my eyes and just listened, I would not have been able to tell he was an impersonator.  He could have been Steve Perry.  We also ended up watching Legends in Concert.  It was also a very good show, and I was  impressed with all the singers that performed.  This made me think about some things.  What makes one person end up famous and the other not?  These impersonators are just as good, and some look like the famous singer’s twin.  I guess that it is all in the timing and being at the right place at the right time.