When  you walk into a retail store you often hear music, but do you ever wonder why? Well, the fact is that stores play music not for you, but for sales. There are many studies that have found that retail customers are more relaxed and more likely to purchase in stores that are playing music because a relaxed customer is a happy customer. You will also notice that the type of music playing depends on the type of customer the store is selling to.  Another good reason for playing music is to sell a certain product such as speakers or a certain album. You will walk by a speaker and most likely hear music pumping out so that you can tell the difference between the product quality, and the music that is playing might just be that album you are looking for. The next time you go into a store and hear music just remember that it is just one of those tricks just to get you to open your wallet.



Trying out costumes at a retail store.walmartshopping