papaI was over at my grandparent’s house yesterday, helping out, when I remembered that Grandpa loves to listen to old records.  I started talking to him about which ones he had, how old some were, etc. Over an hour later, he was still showing me his collection.  He absolutely loves his albums.  He did say that when he and my grandmother moved to Clarksville, he broke down and sold some.  Before the move down here, he had over 500 albums.  He would sit out in his garage and play them on his old record player.  Now he has about half that many.  We listened to a few together, and he told me a lot of history about different country singers.  I am not into country, but it was nice to have some one on one time with him.  I did have to ask him if he had ever heard of Lil’ Wayne.  His reply was, “Lil’ who? What kind of stupid name is that? Do you mean Wayne Newton?”