Let’s face it.  Coffeehouses are just cool. A coffeehouse is defined as a place where coffee is served and people gather for conversation, music, poetry readings, and other informal entertainment. There is something special and special about the way friends will gather around a table, or sit on the comfortable couches to do just that.  When you enter, you are immediately hit with the wonderful aroma of coffee , and you can sense the laid back atmosphere.  The coffeehouse in Clarksville, my hometown, is no different.  Our coffeehouse is unique because it actually has a radio station inside.  There is also a stage where local musicians come to share their talents. Wednesday nights are set aside for karaoke.  That is definitely an interesting experience.  People of all ages come in, pay $0.50, and sing their favorite song.  No one worries about being judged, because everyone knows it’s just for fun.  Sometimes the guys that are running the radio station will pull in customers to just share their thoughts about different topics.  I love our hometown coffeehouse and having the music and station just adds to the greatness.