Street performing dates back to the beginning of time.  All types of artists line the streets of cities to show off their talents an hopefully earn a buck or two. When my family and I were on vacation in California, we did a lot of site seeing.  One thing I enjoyed was listening to all the street musicians and seeing all the different performances.   While walking down the streets, I would see jugglers, dancers, balloon artists and musicians.  My favorite were the musicians.  If you have any artistic ability, then I imagine you could be a street performer.  I have a cousin that plays a guitar.  He lives in Eureka Springs, and on weekends, he goes downtown to the pavilion and plays along with several other musicians.  He opens his guitar case and waits for the tips to be tossed in.  He says it is a great way to earn some extra cash and give himself some good practice time.  Several musicians I listened to on the streets, however, did this for a living.  I figured a lot of them were hoping to be noticed by an agent, and therefore become famous.  I am glad that we have these street performers, because they add to the uniqueness of the place they are at. There are even famous singers that have been known to perform on the streets.  A couple of singers that have done this on occasion are Sting and Bon Jovi.