Themed restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the decor, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant. There are many of these themed restaurants in Branson, Missouri. I know, because I have probably eaten at all of them. My family and I spend lots of time up there, because it is one of my parent’s favorite places to go. Along with the neat décor is the music. For example, when we visited The Hard Luck Diner the music, of course, was from the fifties. Servers dressed in 50s attire entertained us with their singing. What I thought was strange, though, was the fact that the music coming out of the speakers was from the 50’s, but when the food servers sang, the songs were from all different eras. I like music playing quietly in the background when I eat, but I did not care for having the servers belting out songs during my dinner. It made me nervous.
Steak and Shake 50’s Diner is my all time favorite. I love their music better than any other restaurant in Branson. What’s even better is the fact that it actually is from the 50’s.
386863_4581902269808_1787315872_nEating at my favorite Branson Restaurant, Steak N Shake