There are all types of games, for the music lover, to play on their gaming system. The one I am familiar with is the American Idol game, for the WII? This game allows the player to live out their dream as a singing sensation. The player can play with friends and family and compete in front of all three American Idol judges. The goal of this game is to try and reach Stardom. You get to choose your character before singing in front of the American Idol judges, Randy, Paula and, of course, Simon. The words to the song scroll bottom to top at the bottom of the screen, while the singer tries to sing on-pitch, hitting all the notes. A “crowd meter” shows the mood of the crowd as the player sings. When the singer does a good job the crowd will cheer and clap in rhythm with the song, and the scene will become more vividly animated. If the crowd meter falls all the way to the lowest rating, the audience will boo the character offstage and the game is over.

My dad bought my mother a Wii a few years back, because she had heard that there was a great exercise game that went with it, and it was good to lose weight. Well, that a few short weeks. Then she discovered American Idol. She absolutely went nuts over the game and not only did she have the gaming audience, she insisted we become the audience too.