I love going to watch football and basketball games. My favorite part, however, isn’t the actual playing of the game. My favorite part is listening to the band play all the upbeat music and do the halftime show. Having a band is important to high school sports. I actually think band is a sport, but I will save that argument for a later time.
The band gets the fans excited about the game by playing numerous upbeat songs. They also have certain songs they play for the cheerleaders! And there is always the signature song for touchdowns or baskets. I attended Clarksville High School, and the school has a fantastic band. They have won several awards for their musical programs. They play a mean James Bond halftime show and have even entertained Panther fans with a Beatles Tribute. This school year, they worked on “Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba”. They have done an amazing job! I never played in the band while in school, but I definitely supported them by attending their concerts and watching their performances at the sporting events. Sports would not be what it is without the band.


Our band at Clarksville High School