school buspic

When I was in school, some of the old buses had am/fm radios installed. However, I don’t remember the driver ever turning it on. I only heard him yell if we misbehaved or got to loud. Now I hear about students getting to listen to the radio while riding to and from schooler while going on school trips. Listening to music could be both a good thing. It could also become a problem too.
BusRadio was an American company established in 2004, with the goal of providing several services to school buses, their drivers and passengers. It was envisioned that the service would transmit music, original programming, public service announcements (PSAs) and paid commercials to school children travelling on school buses. This seemed like a good thing, but after trying it, many parents argued that their children should not have to listen to advertisements. They also questioned the types of ads that could be played. What parent wants their child to listen to an add about Viagra? I agree. I would not want my child listening to commercials or certain songs. Who chooses what the students will listen to? To me, the only positive thing about BusRadio would be the fact that the students might stay calmer while on the bus and make it easier for the bus driver to concentrate while driving.
Apparently, the controversary continued until BusRadio was shut down after only five years of being installed in buses from twenty-four states.