Did you honestly think I could leave Miley Cyrus out of a music blog? Miley has gone from sweet, innocent, cute little Hannah Montana to a disturbingly, unladylike twenty one year old. I admit, I use to watch Hanna Montana with my sister, and I thought the show was a bit corny. However, I did think she sang well. I still think she is talented and has a great voice. I just can’t stand to watch her. I imagine she just wants to be on top of the music empire and is doing all these shocking things to get there. It is working for her. Everyone talks about her. Even my own grandmother talks about how sad it is that such a sweet young lady would act like that in public. Miley Cyrus is talented in my opinion. I like her voice, but I just don’t want to have to look at her with her tongue hanging out all the time or see her making vulgar gestures with her girly area.

Okay, so this isn’t Miley Cyrus, but this is a perfect expression of what it would be for my girlfriend’s dog if he had seen her on the awards show.