Well, this weekend was an exciting time for my family and I. My sister got married. Even though the weather was bad, we had a nice turnout. Many of her friends were able to make it and lots of family. The music was great. We had a DJ and he played lots of dancing that had dances to go with it. After the older family members and friends left, we got busy on the dance floor. The DJ just asked my sister for a list of songs she wanted and he had all of them. I think it would be neat to be a DJ. They sure do make good money. A friend of my dad’s did the music for us, so he gave dad a really good deal. My mother said she called around the Russellville and Clarksville area and prices ranged from $150 an hour to a lump sum of $1,000 dollars for the night. After researching a little, I found that the average price for hiring a DJ in Arkansas is about $544 for four hours. My parents said they did good on what they paid.


The DJ setting up at my sister’s wedding