Themed Restaurants and Music

Themed restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the decor, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant. There are many of these themed restaurants in Branson, Missouri. I know, because I have probably eaten at all of them. My family and I spend lots of time up there, because it is one of my parent’s favorite places to go. Along with the neat décor is the music. For example, when we visited The Hard Luck Diner the music, of course, was from the fifties. Servers dressed in 50s attire entertained us with their singing. What I thought was strange, though, was the fact that the music coming out of the speakers was from the 50’s, but when the food servers sang, the songs were from all different eras. I like music playing quietly in the background when I eat, but I did not care for having the servers belting out songs during my dinner. It made me nervous.
Steak and Shake 50’s Diner is my all time favorite. I love their music better than any other restaurant in Branson. What’s even better is the fact that it actually is from the 50’s.
386863_4581902269808_1787315872_nEating at my favorite Branson Restaurant, Steak N Shake


Razorback Fight Song!



One of the oldest traditions of college football is learning the fight song. These songs are important to colleges all over the world. You may not know the songs or words, but if you hear them, the songs become immediately familiar.

Many of the songs come with a great history. One of the first things a new Razorback does is learn to sing the University of Arkansas fight song. I didn’t realize it, but the Arkansas Fight song was written in the late 1920s. It is unique and goes perfectly with our Razorback mascot. Several other colleges have adapted the tune, but the lyrics remain unique to Arkansas.

Hit that line! Hit that line!
Keep on going!
Take that ball right
down the field!
Give a cheer. Rah! Rah!
Never fear. Rah! Rah!
Arkansas will never yield!
On your toes, Razorbacks,
to the finish,
Carry on with all your might!
For it’s A-A-A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S
for Arkansas!
Fight! Fight! Fi-i-i-ight!

Music to Fight To!

How do martial arts cage fighters pick out their songs? Do they pick out their own, or does someone do it for them? These are questions I have wondered about. I am lucky, because my girlfriend is trained in MMA and has done the cage fighting thing, so she has some experience in picking out music. Yes, she could beat me up if she wanted. I am not ashamed to say that. After doing some research on my own, I have found that a fighter is usually given the choice of what music or song he/she wants played as their signature entrance song. However, it does have to be approved by promoters. One of my all time favorite entrance songs is AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock. Britney doesn’t cage fight any more, but when she did she said that picking out the song was an important thing. She said she wanted to pick out something that would be intimidating.


Music in Church

singchurchMusic plays an important role in church. How the music is brought about differs, however, from church to church. Some churches sing with no instruments, while other churches have numerous types of instruments to accompany the singing. I was brought up in Church where we sang with the accompaniment of a piano.

Christians sing songs to praise God and to carry a message to the congregation. The Bible tells us to make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! These church songs give the listener an important message and are sung to hopefully bring the listener closer to The Lord. The biggest problem with music in the church is the argument as to whether or not instruments should be part of the worship music.


Dad with his “NOW!” CD.image

Okay, I will admit that I have listened to “Now” CD’s.  I have never bought any, but my sister use to buy them.  Even my dad has bought one.  I guess they are alright, but why are they so popular?  I assume it is because you have the most popular songs on one CD.  However, with technology the way it is today most music listeners could download the songs they like and create a playlist themselves. Now! is mostly for people whom music isn’t a big priority, as well as for tween-aged kids who are just getting into music. It takes time to search, deal with downloads and not everyone wants to bother with that.  They must still be popular because four time a year 500,000 to 700,000 are being sold.  Wonder what artists will be show cased this time?

Rock and ACTAAP?

The teacher’s at Pyron Elementary have a unique way of getting their students “pepped” up for the Benchmark test each year. My mother has been teaching there for about fifteen years, and it amazes me to hear her talk about how the fourth grade teachers get together to plan their pep rally.  Popular music artists or songs are always a big part of the entertainment.  They dress up, record songs and even put on live performances for the students.  They have imitated Lady Gaga, American  Idol, Michael Jackson, and many others.  They use this popular music to rewrite songs that relate to the ACTAAP test.  The students love it.  I wish they had done this when I was in their building.  I am lucky though.  I can run by the school and watch them perform.

imageThe 4th grade teachers performed Lady

Music on the Sidewalk



Street performing dates back to the beginning of time.  All types of artists line the streets of cities to show off their talents an hopefully earn a buck or two. When my family and I were on vacation in California, we did a lot of site seeing.  One thing I enjoyed was listening to all the street musicians and seeing all the different performances.   While walking down the streets, I would see jugglers, dancers, balloon artists and musicians.  My favorite were the musicians.  If you have any artistic ability, then I imagine you could be a street performer.  I have a cousin that plays a guitar.  He lives in Eureka Springs, and on weekends, he goes downtown to the pavilion and plays along with several other musicians.  He opens his guitar case and waits for the tips to be tossed in.  He says it is a great way to earn some extra cash and give himself some good practice time.  Several musicians I listened to on the streets, however, did this for a living.  I figured a lot of them were hoping to be noticed by an agent, and therefore become famous.  I am glad that we have these street performers, because they add to the uniqueness of the place they are at. There are even famous singers that have been known to perform on the streets.  A couple of singers that have done this on occasion are Sting and Bon Jovi.


Friendship in a Coffehouse

Let’s face it.  Coffeehouses are just cool. A coffeehouse is defined as a place where coffee is served and people gather for conversation, music, poetry readings, and other informal entertainment. There is something special and special about the way friends will gather around a table, or sit on the comfortable couches to do just that.  When you enter, you are immediately hit with the wonderful aroma of coffee , and you can sense the laid back atmosphere.  The coffeehouse in Clarksville, my hometown, is no different.  Our coffeehouse is unique because it actually has a radio station inside.  There is also a stage where local musicians come to share their talents. Wednesday nights are set aside for karaoke.  That is definitely an interesting experience.  People of all ages come in, pay $0.50, and sing their favorite song.  No one worries about being judged, because everyone knows it’s just for fun.  Sometimes the guys that are running the radio station will pull in customers to just share their thoughts about different topics.  I love our hometown coffeehouse and having the music and station just adds to the greatness.


Old Records

papaI was over at my grandparent’s house yesterday, helping out, when I remembered that Grandpa loves to listen to old records.  I started talking to him about which ones he had, how old some were, etc. Over an hour later, he was still showing me his collection.  He absolutely loves his albums.  He did say that when he and my grandmother moved to Clarksville, he broke down and sold some.  Before the move down here, he had over 500 albums.  He would sit out in his garage and play them on his old record player.  Now he has about half that many.  We listened to a few together, and he told me a lot of history about different country singers.  I am not into country, but it was nice to have some one on one time with him.  I did have to ask him if he had ever heard of Lil’ Wayne.  His reply was, “Lil’ who? What kind of stupid name is that? Do you mean Wayne Newton?”


IMG_3912MTV or (Music Television) changed the music industry on August 1, 1981. The first music video played on MTV was “Video Killed The Radio Star”, but it was soon discovered that video made the radio star. The music videos were small budget and became a way to revive veteran rock stars like Rod Stewart and promote hot, new acts like The Stray Cats.  Before long it wasn’t the music that sold records, it was the videos.  MTV became the center of the music business. My parents talk about the first time they saw MTV.  It was in college at ATU, and my dad says he remembers Madonna in her video, Like a Virgin.  He also says that it was quite risqué. MTV also became popular for having number one TV shows such as “Beavis and Butthead,” “The Real World,” and “Unplugged.” It seems today that  MTV has lost the true meaning of music and rarely even plays it, but we can all agree that it shaped the pop culture around us.